100% money back guarantee

We guarantee you will be better off or your money back!

App4 have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that we have an amazing product, great service and the best customer experience.

With that in mind, we are so confident that we will help you to grow your online sales, that if we don’t, we will give you 100% of your money back!

How de we deliver the Guarantee? We provide everything!

We build you your own mobile ordering app, website and online ordering system, with loyalty, card payments and marketing, all individually branded to your business with your colours, logos and images. 

We include a printer & tablet to handle your online orders and we provide full training, backup and support.

We also included:

(Money back guarantee is subject to terms & conditions)

Takeaway owners, you could be £1000's a month better off!

If you are already using a online ordering portal, then you may be paying 20-30% commission on every single takeaway order.  We offer a proven takeaway ordering system and we charge a simple flat monthly fee.

App4 have already helped hundred of takeaways to save millions in potential commissions, with many saving £3000 or more every month.  Use the sliders below to see how much better off you could be with App4.



App4 could save you





(Savings are calculated using an average combined order fee, charged by other ordering platforms)

App4 have already helped save over £11 Million in order commissions!

As an established and trusted provider of online ordering apps, App4 are helping hundreds of businesses, just like yours, to take 1000’s of orders a month, paying 0% commission and keeping 100% of the money.

£ 0

Amount many App4 partners
are better off every month


Number of orders
handled by App4

£ 0

Commissions saved
by App4 partners

Get your own online ordering system and mobile App and start saving £1000’s a year, guaranteed!

8, Sadler Bridge Studios, Derby, DE1 3NT

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri – 8am to 6pm

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100% money back guarantee
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Call: 01332 742511

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We have launched the App4 Bounce Back Fund, to help businesses get online & mobile in December, with NO monthly payments until February 2021*

*Offer is limited to the first 30 signups in December. Offer ends 22nd December 2020