Don’t people only order via platforms these days?

During a conversation with a potential customer today I was asked a great question, “Do people actually order direct anymore, or do they just use the platforms?”
Now, you could say it was almost like showing a red rag to a bull, but before I could even say a single word, one of the other people present, who has used App4 for many years, jumped straight in with an amazing answer.
He said “The problem is you have been brain washed by all the marketing and sales pitches from the platforms, who say that people prefer to order via the portals, that the portals are doing all the marketing for your business and that the majority of orders are now indirect”
“At the start I would get 400 orders online, with 40 or 50 coming direct and the rest via portals, but using App4 and following their guidance, and promoting my own service, I now get 500 orders a week, with 400 of them direct and only around 100 via the platforms. If you provide a great service, which is easy to use, then people are happy to order direct every time”
“The best thing is you get to see exactly how much you have saved. On the first Monday of every month, App4 sends you a detailed review of the last month, year and lifetime, and this month it showed I had saved over £100,000 in online commissions, since joining App4”
Now, I wish I could take this customer everywhere with me, but sadly he has his own businesses to run, but I will be canning his response for the next time I get a similar question.
At App4, we help businesses to take back control of their online ordering, to reduce their reliance on the online platforms, and connect them directly to their own customers, so they can maximise their own profits!

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