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App4 has a proven and trusted online food ordering system designed to give your restaurant, takeaway, cafe or hospitality business a real competitive edge!

online ordering and mobile app for Eastern Tandoori Restaurant
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Branded Mobile Apps

We build you your own IOS (Apple) and Android (Google) Apps, branded to your takeaway, restaurant or food business.

We put your business in your customers hands, so at the tap of your App they can order and pay for food, checkout your offers, book a table or share their experience with friends.

Having your own App means you are not in a long list with your competition and you can engage directly with your customers to improve loyalty and increase your order numbers.

Did you know that...

Customers that order through an App spend more money – App4 see a 20% increase in customer spending compared to orders taken over the phone.

online ordering and mobile app for Eastern Tandoori Restaurant

Website Ordering

We build you a mobile compliant ordering website, fully branded and customised to your tastes, to showcase your business and food to your customers.

We make sure your site is listed with the search engines, so new customers can find you, and all updates and changes are included.

Did you know that...

Around 3 in 4 customers will check out your website before ordering. Convert that visit into a direct order with App4 online ordering.

Marketing Services

App4 helps drive your customers to using your App and then we help you find new business, and increase orders through the included marketing tools.

Increase sales and profits by using SMS, Email and Push Messages. Promote new dishes, send ‘Flash Offers’ for tonight only, or just keep your customers up to date.

Did you know that...

Businesses that use App4 to promote their own online ordering system save an average of £4.25 on every single order.

push message
SMS, Email and Push Messaging Icons
Loyalty points scheme on App4 takeaways
Loyalty Icons

Customer Loyalty

Your regular customers are your best asset and if you able to thank them for their loyalty they will happily help you grow your business and maximise your profits.

Our built in loyalty system allows your regular customers to earn points as they spend and redeem them against future orders, all managed automatically, with no extra work.

Did you know that...

Businesses that use App4 for their online ordering system see an increase in their customer loyalty – on average a 15% increase in how often their customers order.

Business Dashboard

Its great having your own App but you also need to be able to update your menus, change prices, add new offers and send out marketing info.

App4 provides a complete back office system that gives you full control to make changes and engage with your customers whenever you want.

Did you know that...

App4 backoffice can be used on your pc, laptop, tablet or even your mobile, so it is super easy to change a price or send out a flash offer, with just a few taps.

menu management
Paying by card with App4 takeaways

Secure Card Payments

Customers can easily pay by debit or credit cards with the App, as well as Apple Pay & Google Pay. The App even remembers their details for the next order so it is super quick.

Payouts are direct to your bank on a regular basis and our rates are inclusive of all charges, and you have full access to a reporting dashboard.

Did you know that...

4 out of 5 people will not complete an order if they don’t recognise or trust the payment provider – App4 work with industry leading, globaly recognised brands like WorldPay.

Hardware Included

We provide you with a commercial grade EPSON printer designed to print millions of receipts and allow individual layout and content for your business.

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