Order at Table, is it a gimmick or can it add value?

In the last 12 months there has been a huge increase in the number of large food and beverage businesses offering ‘Order-at-table’ through their branded mobile App, including McDonald’s, Wetherspoons, Five Guys and Pizza Express.

The greatest benefit to the customer is relaxed choice, they can simply sit down, browse the menu and order what they want and pay, without the hassle of queuing, shouting across a bar or being rushed to decide.

For the business it increases their existing staff’s capacity, reduces waiting time for those choosing not to order through the App and can increase customer spend by 15% to 20%.

Adding this technology to your restaurant, bar, café or eatery seems like an expensive and daunting task, but with the right partner it shouldn’t really take up any extra time and be a simple addition to your existing working practices.

With App4, you get a tablet and printer to receive your table orders.  You can check the order over before accepting and it prints out the receipts you need to fulfil the order.

Your customers simply download your App from the IOS or Android App stores or visit a mobile compliant website if they prefer not to download the App. The customer can then choose what they want to order, select their table number, fill out a few personal details and pay by card.

Order-at-table is just one of many features available in the App4 service, that all comes as standard for flat monthly fee.

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