Should you drop the online ordering portals?

Many of the online ordering portals in the UK charge large commissions or processing’s fees which results in a dramatic drop in your profits, so surely this means you should do whatever you can to get away from them, right?

You would probably expect us to actively encourage you to drop them like a dead weight too! However, if you use the ordering portals correctly, and have the right systems in place to manage your regular customers, they can actually provide a cost effective way to gain new customers and increase your profits.

The large ordering platforms, the ones all over tv and sponsoring every tv show, sports team and event, have huge marketing budgets, that allow them to reach millions of potential customers to gain your business new orders. This is great, and you don’t mind giving away up to 30% of the order value to get that first order. The bit you don’t like, or want, is to continue giving away that 30% every time the customer orders.

This is where having your own online ordering system and mobile App, designed for your business, comes in to play. A high percentage of the customers that order from the portals will like your food and service, and they will want to come back again. This is your opportunity to make sure they do it direct, not through the portals. To do this you need to make sure they can order direct, make sure they can find it easily, and most importantly, when they do order, the process is just as easy and straightforward as the online portals, so they can place their order quickly and conveniently.

Doing these three things will get new customers ordering direct and will start to reduce your costs, but you also need to keep those customers ordering direct which is why it is important your own ordering system should offer your customers more than they would get by ordering through the online portals. This may take the form of a loyalty scheme that rewards repeat orders, it may be regular discounts and promotions only available direct, or it could be you run competitions or prize draws for customers ordering direct.

Having your own online ordering system is the first part of reducing your online ordering costs, but making sure you use it to engage your customers and keep them loyal is the key to it having a lasting affect on your business and profits. Don’t be afraid to use the online ordering portals, just make sure you use them, rather than letting them use you, your business and your customers.

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