Your own App could help protect your business during the Covid-19 pandemic

With the whole country potentially going into lock down

Online delivery portals are reporting a big increase in orders for takeaways as people choose not to go out but eat at home instead. 

“No Risk from Food Deliveries”

NHS guidelines state that people in isolation are at no risk from having food delivered to their door.

Having your own App gives back control of your customers, don’t lose 15 to 35% on every order that you receive, and engage directly with your customers to keep orders coming direct to you. 

This could be happening very soon. Get yourself ‘business ready’ to help your customers enjoy your food in the comfort of their own homes and let’s beat this virus together. 

‘Beat the Virus together!’ 

App4 want as many businesses as possible to be able to get ready, so we are working to get businesses up and running as quickly as possible and to help offer guidance on providing a delivery and takeaway service.

Stop paying commissions. Get started straight away!

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Get your own online ordering system and mobile App and start saving £1000’s a year, guaranteed!

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